2012 Alaska: Happy Valley & the Arctic flats

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Alaska. North Slope, ANWR
Time & length July 2012, 18 days
Partners several
This is not an actual travel report, I just want to show some pictures of the time I spent in Happy Valley, located 130 kilometers south of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska’s far north.
After guiding my friends in the Alaska Range I started hitchhiking north towards the Arctic on Juli 12. I had to cover 1200 kilometers, that’s the distance from Palmer to Happy Valley, a camp located 130 kilometers south of Prudhoe Bay. I managed to get there in just 26 hours, which is pretty good considering the little traffic on the Dalton Highway.

I stayed in this camp for 18 days. Happy Valley is owned by two pilots that I met last year – next summer, in 2013, I want to officially (J1 visa) work for them as a hiking guide. So far the camp serves as a base for scientists and all kinds of field workers who spend their days out in the tundra and come back to Happy Valley every night. Also there are a lot of individuals (hikers, rafters, hunters etc.) who just need a flight out into the Brooks Range or wherever they want to go. The owners want to expand their business and offer guided wilderness expeditions in the next summers – and this is where I come into play. Soon you will find updates concerning my guiding plans here.

For now I just want to show you some pictures of my time in the camp. Some of them were taken from a little bush plane, flying over the flats and the Brooks Range.

In the morning of August 1 I left Happy Valley and started this year’s big solo hike or: my big solo hike of the year: 500 kilometers through the Brooks Range, report coming soon.