Here you can browse through a few videos I have uploaded on Youtube. Make sure you set the quality as high as possible.

2019 Alaska (1/2): 450 km Packrafting in Ivvavik NP & ANWR

Places Canada, Alaska. Ivvavik National Park, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), Firth River, Whale Mountain, Jago River, Kaktovik
Time & length June/July 2019, 4 weeks
Partners Andreas Hutter, Elias Vetter
We flew to Joe Creek in northeast Alaska, put in with our packrafts and paddled to the end of the Firth River canyon (class III-IV) in Ivvavik National Park, Canada. Then we walked east, crossed into Alaska again, picked up extra food at Whale Mountain and kept walking through ANWR, until we reached the Jago River. We paddled to Jago all the way to the coast and finished our trip in Kaktovik (Barter Island).

2014 Packrafting in the Austrian Alps: Salza

Places Austria. Steiermark, Salza River
Time & length June 2014
Partners Alan Majsik, Matthias Kodym
For the fourth time I’ve been packrafting on the Salza River.

2014 Patagonia (3/3): Los Glaciares National Park

Places Patagonia, Argentina. El Chaltèn, Los Glaciares National Park
Time & length March 2014, 1 week
Partners solo trip
Towards the end of my journey I spent another week in the northern part of Los Glaciares National Park close to El Chaltèn. First I did some hiking on the eastern side of the mountains, and then I climbed Paso del Viento and enjoyed a wonderful view over the magnificent South Patagonian Ice Field. The trip ended with a hike along Viedma Glacier and the return to El Chaltèn.

2014 Patagonia (2/3): Torres del Paine Circuit

Places Patagonia, Chile. Torres del Paine National Park
Time & length February/March 2014, 2 weeks
Partners several
Originally I had planned to do a major 3-week-hike from Torres del Paine down to Puerto Natales, following some magnificent glaciers close to the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. Unfortunately, I didn’t get permission for this endeavor: the kind of permit that I would have needed can only be issued to scientific expeditions, the officer in chief explained to me. So I ended up “only” doing the famous hike around the Torres del Paine massif.

2014 Patagonia (1/3): 350 km in Central Patagonia

Places Patagonia, Argentina. Sierra de las Vacas, Perito Moreno National Park, Monte San Lorenzo
Time & length January/February 2014, 3 weeks
Partners Alan Majsik
Patagonia is known for its magnificent glaciers, huge ice fields, crystal clear lakes and some nasty weather. On this hike, my partner Alan and I successfully completed a 3-week wilderness trip in Southern Argentina that lead us through remote places and the trail-less terrain of the mountains between Route 81 and Lago Pueyrredón, close to the border to Chile.

Alaska 2012 (3/4): Eastern Alaska Range

Places Alaska. Eastern Alaska Range, Eureka Creek
Time & length September 2012, 6 days
Partners solo trip
This trip was meant to be a 12 days packrafting adventure, unfortunately it all came to an early end after I flipped over and lost my paddle in the Eureka Creek Canyon.

Alaska 2012 (2/4): 500 km Brooks Range Traverse

Places Alaska. Brooks Range, ANWR
Time & length August 2012, 23 days
Partners solo trip
On this trip I hiked from the Dalton Highway (Galbraith Lake) to Kaktovik, solo and without any resupplies on my way. Due to heavy rains, hard river crossings and difficult terrain this was the most challenging journey I’ve done so far.

2012 Packrafting in the Austrian Alps: Salza

Places Austria. Steiermark, Salza River
Time & length July 1
Partners Christian Bock, Matthias Kodym, Gerhard Gindl
Another Packrafting trip in the Eastern part of Austria.

2012 Packrafting in the Austrian Alps

Places Austria. Carinthia, rivers Gail & Möll
Time & length April, 4 days
Partners Christian Bock & Matthias Kodym
Another small packrafting trip in the Southern part of Austria.

2012 Trekking in Lebanon

Places Lebanon. Various cities and mountain regions
Time & length February 2012, 4 weeks
Partners Markus Jamritsch
Together with my friend Markus I hiked all along the Lebanese mountains in the winter time. Here I want to share some impressions we got concerning nature, culture, politics, religion and the people we met down there in the small and rarely visited country of Lebanon.

2011 Alaska (3/3): Packrafting on the Gulkana River

Places Alaska. Donnelly Dome, Paxson Lake, Gulkana River
Time & length September 2011, 6 days
Partners solo trip
Together with my friend Becky I spent two nights at Paxson Lake and hiked up Donnelly Dome. Then I floated down the Gulkana River to Sourdough Camp in my Packraft.

2011 Alaska (2/3): Denali & more

Places Alaska. Denali Highway, Denali National Park and beyond
Time & length September 2011, 19 days
Partners solo trip
After a short road trip on the Denali Highway I went on quite a long hike in Denali. From Eielson I crossed the Alaska Range at Anderson Pass, went eastwards for a few days, then crossed the range again and rafted down the Teklanika River. This trip ended with a visit to the “Magic Bus”.

2011 Alaska (1/3): Talkeetnas

Places Alaska. Southern and Northern Talkeetna Mountains
Time & length August 2011, 2 weeks
Partners Becky Moman
After I cancelled my Brooks Range trip I made friends with a girl I met in Palmer and took her on two relatively easy hikes in the Talkeetna Mountains.

2011 Ladakh: Trekking & mountaineering in the Himalayas

Places Ladakh, India. South of Lamayuru, later Tsomoriri Lake
Time & length July 2011, 4 weeks
Partners Christian Bock, my sister Stefanie Gersch
After some acclimatization in Ladakh’s capital Leh my two partners and I took a bus to Lamayuru where we joined a festival and later did some nice hiking in nearby mountain ranges. Then we drove to Tsomoriri Lake and climbed Chamser Kangri (6600 m).

2010 Alaska: Denali

Places Alaska. Denali National Park, Denali State Park and surroundings
Time & length September 2010, 4 ½ weeks
Partners Christian Bock, Eva-Maria Kubin
Part two of our nine-week Alaska trip. Caused by illness we started our time in Denali with just a few shorter hikes and a bit of packrafting, later we hiked over the Kesugi Ridge, before crossing the Alaska Range from the Park Road to Cantwell.

2010 Alaska: Crossing of the northern Wrangells

Places Alaska. Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve
Time & length August 2010, 4 ½ weeks
Partners Christian Bock, Eva-Maria Kubin
Part one of our nine-week Alaska trip. Making use of packrafts and an air supplied food drop we hiked from Slana to McCarthy including a few side trips and a longer stay in the community of Chisana.

2010 Trekking and mountaineering in the Caucasus

Places Georgia. Tbilisi & Region Mzcheta-Mtianeti
Time & length July 2010, 4 weeks
Partners Eva-Maria Kubin; later Christian Bock, Stefanie Gersch
In this trip I explored some places in the very natural and pristine north of Georgia. Together with Eva and later joined by Christian and Stefanie I did two hikes through the Caucasian mountains, later I climbed Mt. Kazbek (5035m).

Springtime in Vienna (Time Lapse)