2015 Pakistan (2/2): Pictures of Punjab

Places Punjab Region, Pakistan. Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Layyah, Multan, Bahawalpur, Lahore
Time & length November/December 2015, 3 1/2 weeks
Partners Sofia Matousek
Our good friend Zeeshan invited us to his home town Layyah in Punjab. With him we visited several places in central Pakistan and were introduced to his friends and family and many other Pakistanis who made sure we were warmly welcome.

After we spent 8 weeks in the Hindukush and Pakistan’s very north, we headed into the warmer areas of central Pakistan on November 13. In Islamabad we extended our 60-day visa to another month and stayed with our good friends in Rawalpindi.

Then we followed the invitation of another wonderful man we met in Lahore 8 weeks ago: Zeeshan ran into us just after we arrived in Pakistan and asked us to see him in his home town once we are back from the mountains. We kept in touch via Facebook and decided to meet again in Layyah where he grew up. Zeeshan hosted us for a couple of weeks, took us on road trips and introduced us to dozens of people.

With him we went to explore the rural areas around Layyah, visited small farms, a local brick factory and a place where they produce charcoal. He showed us the bazars of Multan, the Derawar Fort close to Bahawalpur in the Cholistan desert and took us to local restaurants. He became a really good friend and I hope to see him again in summer 2016 when I visit Pakistan again.

While I stayed in Pakistan until December 10, Sofia left one week earlier via Lahore and Wagah Border and made it back to India where she did some Yoga. I crossed into India later and we reunited in Calcutta.